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For each of our customers, we conduct a detailed analysis of workstations’ status, about how the company functions and what it needs. Based on this report, we design the best pack of services available.

Safety, comfort and automatic systems for your house, all provided by the Smart House services.

Solar energy systems represent an inexhaustible source of energy

IT Support

We provide Pcs’, laptops’ and peripherals’ maintenance, as well as for digital networks.

Smart House

We create technological solutions perfectly attuned to the most exigent needs of our customers, using the latest innovations in the field and the know-how of our staff.

Solar energy systems

They offer a great number of advantages as opposed to classic solutions because they exploit an inexhaustible resource.

Command and monitoring systems

Computerized devices are used for monitoring and managing on-site situations so that information provided by them is analyzed in real time by an individual technician.

We meet the market’s needs through an integrated approach of services.

Integrated services represent a business line with a great tradition behind, through which our company addresses customers’ needs with personalized technical solutions.

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IntegraXor Web SCADA
EcavaIntegraXor is a lean and fast web SCADA/HMI solution built from the most stable core server engine alongside with high performance native modules and IIoT compatible modern web technologies.

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